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airdales_pic_100img_0334This is our history of Airdales


We have been breeding airdales for over 25 years. We have been registered as Liannes Kennel with the Canadian Kennel Club, since 1991.  Over the years we have been breeding Airedales we have found them to be extremely loyal companions. Very playful and guardians for our children. They would always be on the lookout for them. They also would be very loyal to the other children who came over to play. Airdales have never hurt anyone.

The Airedale Terrier also is a non shedding dog. They are handstripped by us 2 times a year. They are easy to train and very willing to please. They do have a very stubborn streak and will try you out on the moment you will not expect it. But being firm with them and keeping your no a no and yes a yes they will submit themselves willingly.